Spry Distributing Partners With DapuStor

Are you a technology business, internet company or tech-savvy customer looking for the latest and greatest in storage solutions? Look no further – Spry Distributing has partnered with DapuStor to provide their full range of solid-state-drives (SSD) and other technology procurement options. This partnership enables customers to access the best storage solutions on the market.

Who is DapuStor?

DapuStor delivers high-end enterprise solid-state drives (SSD), SOC, and edge computing related products. With world-class R&D strength and over 300 team members, it has comprehensive capabilities from chip design and product development to mass production. Its products have been widely used around the world in servers, telecom operators and data centers.

Under Spry’s partnership with DapuStor, Spry Distributing will distribute DapuStor’s full range of storage solutions to its network of customers in the region. This will enable DapuStor to reach a wider customer base and expand its market share in the USA.

DapuStor Products

Roealsen Series

Built with in-house SSD controller with optimized performance.


The PCIe 4.0 high-performance eSSD is built on in-house DP600 controller with the advanced 3D eTLC NAND from KIOXIA. It’s available in a range of capacities from 2TB to 16TB and it supports PCIe 4.0×4, NVMe 1.4. The Roealsen5 Series delivers high performance, high reliability and low latency for enterprises and data centers.

Xlenstor SCM Series

Designed for accelerating large data sets with ultra-low latency.


DapuStor’s latest SCM SSD is built on in-house enterprise SSD controller and SLC-level enterprise FAST NAND. It achieves 4K random read/write IOPS up to 1750/1340K, and extremenly low RR/RW latency less than 20/8 µs. Furthermore, Xlenstor2 is capable of huge data throughput with its outstanding endurance, performance and reliability.

Haishen Series

Stellar power efficiency, PCIe NVMe SSDs are approved by top clients.


The DapuStor Haishen5 Series is the latest generation of DapuStor PCIe 5.0 enterprise SSD. Built with Marvell’s latest PCIe5.0 controller and KIOXIA’s 1XX-layer enterprise 3D NAND flash, the Haishen5 Series delivers a new level of performance and capacity of up to 32TB for data centers and enterprise environments. It supports the latest EDSFF(Enterprise and Datacenter Standard Form Factor) E1.S, E3.S and U.2.

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