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Services Offered

Procurement Services

A great deal of time which equates to money is spent by procurement, accounting, and management setting up new suppliers that may or may not be used more than once. Leave all the setup and delivery problems to us and we will expedite delivery to meet your schedule.


Printing, Labeling, and Packaging

Spry Distributing has a wide range of printing, labeling and packaging services. We can print sequential numbers, text, bar codes, UPC codes, black and white or color graphics on various stocks that can be put on flat services or wrapped around wires. Services include brochures, pamphlets, single or double sided copies.


Shortage List Fulfillment

When shortages threaten to bring your production line or project in engineering to a halt to find the product. We can bring in product from all over the world to keep your production going.

Shortage List Fulfillment

CD/DVD Duplication

If you need small runs of DVDs or CDs custom printed to your specification let us help. Often getting a change done to either print or content can cost both in waste and money especially when only a few are needed.


OEM Services

Spry Distributing OEM Solutions focuses on turnkey systems manufacturing and supply chain solutions for emerging OEM companies and electronic products. Spry delivers freedom to do what you do best – Build Your Business.

Accelerate – Capture market share and profits faster

Simplify – Reduce overhead, simplify operations


System Integration Services

Spry Distributing provides expert systems integration services: hardware configuration, manufacturing, and support. We work with leading manufacturers such as AMD, CERQA, CISCO, Dell, HP, Intel, and World Wide Technology to offer the widest range of customization options possible.

Spry Distributing provides Custom Design Services, Blind & Drop, Software Imaging, and QA and Testing.



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